Grateful For Family, Friends, And Games

Thanksgiving brings families and friends together in gratitude and celebration. No matter if you are hosting and making the magic happen, or enjoying a wonderful gathering as a guest, you may have some free time before and after the meal to have fun together.
If you need some ideas to make this Thanksgiving a memorable one, look no further than our holiday-themed games list below:
  1. In case you missed our monthly postcard this month, we provided a template for Thanksgiving Charades! (If you’d like to receive our monthly postcard, email [email protected] and share your mailing address to get set up!)
  2. Board Games: long form, short and quick, or hilarious and strategic, board games are always a great way to create memories! Scrabble, Bananagrams, Rummikub, or even the classic Monopoly (pro tip, set a timer for an hour or two, then the player with the most net worth when the timer goes off WINS) are a few of our favorites!
  3. Card Games: The classic Go Fish works well for all ages!
  4. Bingo: Miranda’s family uses cereal to mark their cards. The hardest part is not eating all of their markers mid-game! Losers do the dishes!
  5. Gratitude Alphabet Game: As your guests are gathered around the table, take turns expressing gratitude based on letters of the alphabet. Go around the table until each letter of the alphabet has been used… even X and Z!
  6. Create a Thanksgiving-themed relay race with simple items you have around the house:
    1. Fill a long, shallow container with water.  Give everyone a small cork (potentially from all of the wine bottles you are enjoying!) with a small cocktail flag or fake flower stuck in it. Players blow through a straw to get their “boats” to the other side of the shore. You could turn this into a tournament and get every guest involved!
    2. Dig your turkey basters out of the depths of your kitchens (make sure it’s been cleaned!). Place a feather on the floor for each player at a make-shift starting line, then, using the turkey baster only, players compete to get their feather to the finish line first by squeezing the turkey baster!
We hope these ideas have sparked some creative thoughts in your head for enjoying time with your friends and family this holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving!