Why We Buy Girl Scout Cookies

As a real estate agent and real estate team leader in Denver, I have a strong passion for supporting local and making a positive impact in the communities where Dempsey Group team members and clients live and work. We believe one of the most impactful ways we can transform our community now and in the future is by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies from our youngest citizens and budding entrepreneurs.
Not only are Girl Scout cookies fun and tasty surprises that our clients love receiving, but the Girl Scouts has helped support young girls on their journey of personal growth and leadership development for over 100 years. Through the sale of cookies, Girl Scouts learn important skills such as goal setting, decision making, money management, and people skills. The funds raised from cookie sales help support girls’ adventures, leadership opportunities, and community projects.
This year, we hope you will get to know Gracyn, the Girl Scout who we purchased 80 boxes of cookies from for our clients. Gracyn was interviewed by Dempsey Group Realtor Sam Calhoun’s daughter, Presley. Not only is it a super cute interview, you will love hearing how Girl Scouts has positively impacted Gracyn’s life. If you’d like to support Gracyn’s cookie sales goals, you can buy cookies from her here.